Meanwhile, Anna is adding teeth: circle of life

Another day, another ridiculously cute toddler birthday party.

I believe there is a birdhouse and/or castle involved here. Possibly some sort of hybrid. The world of crafty people is mysterious and wonderful to me.

Sugar sticks plus sugar blobs! It's like springtime made of sugar.
Anna doesn't typically go for cake, but we managed to convince her.

Don't worry, chocolate and coconut balance out to form a well-rounded meal.

Speaking of meals, our last couple have had a "mushy as possible" theme, due to the two gaping holes in my mouth where teeth used to be.

All I want right now are chips and taffy.
I managed to get the roasted tilapia and mashed turnips down by taking tiny bites and keeping my head tilted at a 45 degree angle the entire time. I think the scowling also helped.

Waaaaay too many textures here.
I didn't do as well with tonight's kohlrabi curry. I guess the little voice insisting that I embrace this very good excuse to have ice cream for dinner finally wore me down. (The voice was Dan's.) (He is a smart man.)

Anyway, trying to punctuate things correctly through my painkiller haze is wearing me out, so I'm going to leave you with popular blog feature "Anna's Fashion Corner":

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