I only keep plates around to make the cabinet look normal

I didn't notice until I got all the pictures lined up that everything I've cooked in the past week has been bowl food. No regrets! Bowl food is the best food. Ice cream. Queso. Skittles. I know you're thinking, "But Erica, what about fresh baked bread?" Not so fast! The truly committed know to fashion bread INTO a bowl and fill it with other types of deliciousness (Skittles). Case closed.

Crunchy red swiss chard falafel on spinach.

Black bean "chili" (sorry Dad).

Mustard-glazed red cabbage with apple, sausage.

Slow-cooker braised pork with salsa over couscous.

KALE! and roasted vegetable soup. I must be back in the swing of things if I'm forcing kale on myself.
Anna and I spent some more time practicing the concept of "cheese."

Maybe she'll do better in an actual field test. Anna, look excited about Baby Sister!

Um...I'm going to go practice my excited face too.


  1. Dang you look good. All belly. I was like a big fatty fatterton.

  2. Only because the mean doctor won't let me eat ice cream. This "not gaining a ton of weight" thing is completely against my will.