I would have guessed hunger and exhaustion would have sharpened that edge, actually

The other day I was told that my blog has been lacking its normal sarcastic edge of late, leading me to believe that snark is in fact fueled by carbohydrates, just like BRAINS and HAPPINESS and EVERYTHING IMPORTANT. So if any scientific journals want to discuss this significant breakthrough with me, hit me up in the comments.

In the meantime, I tried to redeem my recent undercooked tian with a tian made almost entirely of cheese and oil.

Much better! All part of my plan to edge out the diabetes with some good old-fashioned heart disease.
Also, Smitten Kitchen has basically never failed me in the past, and applying this recipe to a chuck roast turned out just fine. And I guess the green onion slaw wasn't a failure exactly, but whoa is she lying about two serrano chiles not being too spicy because mother of mercy was it too spicy.

Why are you so angry at my mouth, pile of cabbage?
These five-spice turkey and lettuce wraps are only notable for being the first example of ground turkey that Anna has ever voluntarily eaten.

She just wanted Chinese five-spice powder. It's so obvious in retrospect.
Anna was actually so excited about decorating for autumn that she did her best impression of a "human smile."
It's getting better, but I think you can detect the lack of practice.
That effort was pretty exhausting though, and she quickly retreated.

Maybe we can lure her out again with Christmas decorations in a couple of months.


  1. I made that recipe from Smitten Kitchen and thought the exact same thing...it was too spicy. I was kind of underwhelmed. I actually tried a similar recipe from Three Many Cooks that was really good: http://threemanycooks.com/recipes/meaty-mains/slow-cooked-barbecue-beef-with-southwestern-flavors-with-quick-cook-option/. It does have BBQ sauce in it, so I'm not sure if that is a no-no right now for you or not. It would still be a good one to file away for after the baby comes because it's a ridiculously easy recipe - which is good for when you are a bit sleep deprived. I use the quick-cook method.
    I love Anna's "human smile." Nicole does a similar squinty eye thing when I ask her to smile.

  2. Thanks for the recipe, I'll definitely bookmark it for my future life as a happy, BBQ sauce-eating person!