For the record, she was definitely the aggressor

I realize that I JUST made this summer squash with baked eggs recipe, but it was delicious and this picture turned out better so you have to deal with some reruns. Lookit, it's so cheerful!

And be grateful that you're not just looking at a different picture of an egg every single night because that is a thing that could easily happen.
Pretty sure there's no need to justify or explain baked chicken with roasted tomatillo cream sauce.

Because, roasted tomatillo cream sauce.
This one, however, was a use-stuff-up meal based on this chickpea pizza scramble. It actually tasted really good, but I spent a lot of dinner considering how fortunate I am to have a husband who doesn't even blink an eye at being served a bowl full of chickpeas for dinner.

You really, really never know what you're going to get coming home to me. "Eggs" is a fairly safe bet though.
What's Anna been up to, you ask? Um...nothing. I don't know. Pretty much nothing. Definitely not trying to make out with her creepy robot-dog.

That would be weird.