The littlest duck with the terriblest ennui

Last Christmas my dear brother gave me six years' worth of Gourmet back issues and I have just now finished turning them into a usable recipe notebook, so I figured it was time to celebrate my ten months of very hard work by trying it out. Why not start fancy-ish? Sesame tuna burgers with fried shoestring zucchini!

This dish uses its height to intimidate other, lesser plates of food.
But that was pretty exhausting, so I quickly reverted back to my default "bowl of soup for dinner" state.

At least it's full of cheese.
Long-time readers will agree that Anna's reaction shots are fairly predictable at this point. This entire blog is basically a testament to her capacity for irritation and boredom in the face of fun activities.

Halloween costume:

Watching Daddy's band play a rare gig:

Delicious tacos:

Okay, taco trance is entirely appropriate. Actually, it's like looking in a mirror.
Arrival of eight-year-old boy who lives next door....whoa, wait a minute.

Uh oh.
Also, yesterday at our play date I wouldn't let Anna turn the hose on, so she took matters into her own hands.

Having a two-year-old is like constantly realizing that the raptors have figured out how to open doors.

Sort of.