I'm just glad she has someone to talk to

Time to dip into the freezer stock! We repurposed some braised pork with tomatillo salsa to make a lovely taco dinner. I know, we're hitting the tacos pretty hard around here. So unusual for us!

I probably rank "wrap it in a tortilla" somewhere between "put an egg on it" and "add kale for no reason."
We've also revisited zucchini garlic soup and tomato broccoli pasta casserole. So far, everything is holding up. Excellent nesting, me!

In "food I couldn't eat for three months which makes it even more awesome now" news, the banana pancakes that Dan made the other morning were good enough to induce family-wide breakfast-food-trance-state.

I'm starting to wonder if Anna had a falling out with creepy robot dog, because she is absolutely having some sort of special relationship with her ball popper right now.

Dan specifically requested that I post a "normal adorable baby picture."

Check the archives, dude. Not my style.