Anna finally has someone to share the burden of Blog Model

Okay, so, a Big Thing happened the other day and obviously I am going to mention it, calm down, but it seems like a shame to ignore the fact that I made some perfectly respectable-looking plates of food last week just because SOMEBODY showed up two weeks before her due date. Right?

Chicken and cashew stir-fry. Another excellent recipe from Gourmet, and it made perfect leftovers for post-Big Thing recovery.

Quinoa con queso from Simply Recipes. It probably goes without saying that any recipe involving the words "con queso" gets an automatic bookmark from me.
I mean, would you really have wanted me to skip over this pork chop saltimbocca? It's pork that's stuffed with more pork! And also cheese! And then there's a butter sauce, but don't worry, the sautéed spinach on the side makes it all healthy!

A perfect meal.
And then look what happened on Friday:

Okay, sorry, before that: IVY!

Note that the milkshake is very, very close at hand.
Welcome, Ivy Elisabeth! You'll probably want to work on that scowl if you want to fit in around here.

So close.
There's my girl.