Now I'm going to spend all day thinking of a motto for my new venture

Having run out of tortillas, we have recently moved on to eating eggs at every meal. Remember when I warned you this might happen?

Random Stuff From the Fridge Omelet

Random Stuff From the Fridge Frittata

I guess when we run out of eggs I'll just form the Random Stuff From the Fridge into sad piles. Incidentally, a quick peek at the archives indicates that if I ever write a cookbook, "Sad Piles" will probably be the subtitle at the very least. (Fast-casual restaurant chain? Hey, did America's Next Great Restaurant get canceled or what? I'd like to make this happen. Someone please forward this to Bobby Flay. You know, the blog. Forward the whole blog.) (I think I might need an assistant.)

Anyway, as happy as I am to sit in my house and eat eggs (very happy), we were starting to get a little stir crazy so we ventured out to Black Star last night to check up on our investment.

I went to a restaurant and ordered beer like a grown up because I'm not pregnant anymore yaaaaaaaaay!

I also had a big bowl of chicken curry that I didn't have to cook double-yaaaaaaaaay!
The curry was perfect for the fairly chilly weather we're having here at the moment. It's one of those exciting times when the temperature actually lines up with the calendar. If only I could figure out how Anna feels about the cold...

Inscrutable as always.
Once we got her jacketed, she regained her strength and started commanding airplanes to come HERE.

I don't think she's messing around, airplane.
Happy Due Date, little Ivy! It was all bonus time up until now, but today you're officially on the clock.

Ready set FULL TERM GO!