Hey, for once it's not a Simpsons reference

On Tuesday night we went to Black Star, the brewpub that we totally own (a minuscule share of, because it is a co-op). Their own brews aren't up and running quite yet, but the food is goooooooood. Full disclosure: if all of you eat there repeatedly, that might result in me getting 14 cents someday. Or not. I actually have no idea how that works. Can someone explain co-ops to me?

Anyway, despite the riches that potentially await me, I'm not lying. It's really good.

Grilled veggie sandwich. Due to my bread addiction, I find salads to be 500% better when they are called a "sandwich" instead. See also: wraps, pizzas.

You can tell it isn't food I made because Dan actually got to have beef for dinner.
Meanwhile, Anna is continuing her joyful ingestion of bananas, although her skills at this point are still sub-monkey.

She was mostly chewing on the peel.
Wednesday night's dinner was neither brown nor mushy, because I was in a Big Salad mood. I love Big Salads, probably because I spent a lot of formative years watching Seinfeld, but Dan does not like them, probably because he was watching some show where the characters complain about Big Salads being unwieldy.

Also, there is no steak in it.
I swear I keep taking these away from her and hiding them is different places, but she is just drawn to them like a magnet.

"What should I beat on first?"

I think here she is trying a more primal method of sending a message to Hopper.
She also spend some time outside, checking up on our work from the other day.

I really only included this to record the fact that a sleeveless top was appropriate outdoor-wear on November 11th.

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  1. "The man is later suspected in the murder of a dry cleaner, and Kramer helps the man to see his pet fish by driving in his white Ford Bronco in a low speed chase down the New Jersey Turnpike."

    God I miss Seinfeld.