Maybe Hopper has been giving her scrapping lessons

It was probably only a matter of time before Anna mouthed off to some bigger kid and got punched in the face.

Mommy's Li'l Bruiser
Okay, it was actually a totally innocent playground collision, but she still looks like she was in a bar fight last night. I couldn't find the "My First Busted Lip" section of her baby book, so I guess I'll just paste this picture over "Second Birthday" or something.

In earlier, less injured times, she spent about 20 minutes wandering around the house holding a piece of cheese in each hand, occasionally placing one on a chair or couch or toy or window sill then picking it back up. She also dangled (but didn't drop) one of the pieces out the cat door for a minute.

And then she ate them. That's okay, right?
And what have we been eating? Well, all you concerned citizens whispering about how I don't take care of my husband can settle down because LOOKIT I MADE HIM A STEAK.

Photographing meat: not a thing I am good at.
And let's see, what's that on the side there? Looks like potatoes and...some green stuff...wait a minute, that's kale! Okay you guys, I know. I know I have a problem. It's like my brain decided that kale is actually a vice, because I am drawn to it compulsively despite myself. The other day I even bought some baby food for Anna that has kale in it. That's exactly how these things get passed down from generation to generation. It's a sickness.

Anyway. Tuesday night. Barbecue Pulled Chicken sandwiches, side salad. For some reason I decided I would be completely faithful to the recipe and not quadruple the garlic like usual, and I have to tell you that mincing ONE TINY CLOVE of garlic was really strange and hilarious to me. Like I was making dinner for dolls.

Last night: Chilaquiles Casserole. If you look at the recipe, you'll see that they suggest "10 servings." If you then look at my picture, you'll see that I cut it into fourths.

And this is me trying to lose weight.


  1. OMG! I thought it was just a cut above her lip. You shouldn't have pulled her off so quickly last time. No more picking the parks for me

  2. Oh, she's okay, she stopped crying as soon as we got in the car. But it *is* possible that her thirst for vengeance has been awakened.

  3. Wow. You are so embracing the kale. It's bad enough that you eat all this beautifully made food when I eat stuff like frozen trader joe's pizza but this whole kale thing is really making me feel bad.