New Orleans: Other stuff.

So here's a quick glimpse at the non-edible goings on in New Orleans last weekend. First, the main event: race time. Costumes were optional, so, we obviously had to make that happen. In Austin we both just wore tuxedo t-shirts and named ourselves "The Aristocrats." We decided to stick with the same theme, but amped it up a little for NOLA.

That necklace lasted for about 20 feet of sprinting. Coincidentally, that is also how long any confidence in my cardiovascular system lasted.

Here I am with awesomely-mustachioed race partner Kevin. We're totally ready to go out and not be the absolute slowest racers!

Seriously, I like to believe that if Anna were in danger or something I would be able to run three full city blocks without stopping and gasping dramatically. But I don't know.

Working theory: we didn't get first place because at some point during the race I somehow shrank three feet.

It just takes a lot more strides when you are two and a half feet tall.

We estimate that we were around 14th place out of 34 teams, which is actually much better than I anticipated. Middle of the pack is completely reasonable! Especially considering how many poor racing decisions we made along the way. Let's just say that our Waterloo involved an alligator po'boy and leave it at that.

Anyway, New Orleans is obviously full of beautiful and historical things (boring) and on Halloween weekend, very committed costumes (inappropriate), but one of the most interesting pictures from our trip was this broken glass along the top of a French Quarter wall.

Aaaand here's how we got it.

He was up there for long enough that people in a passing car shouted out a hospital recommendation on their way by.

Anyway, it was a really fun, disaster-free trip that I enjoyed very much, which is why it makes for a pretty boring post. I promise the next time I venture away for so long, I'll try to come back with some tales of hilarious mishaps. Possibly some scrapes. At least one shenanigan.

Hmm, I can totally tell who we are here. MASK FAIL.

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  1. For a split second, I thought you put Anna in a dress and trainers, gave her your race bib and stuck a drink in her hand. I also thought Dan was holding himself up purely by his left arm and strength of will to take that photo.