I'm totally bored of my blood sugar too, I swear

We were out and about all weekend, so I had to rely on others to accommodate my tiresome dietary restrictions. Everyone did a bang-up job, aside from their failure to dramatically jump in between me and that english muffin on Sunday morning. Seriously, where's the support? I might need to hire a full-time carbohydrate bodyguard. Anyway, big thank you to my mother-in-law and also the fine folks at Kerbey Lane. Blood sugar = stable. This pregnancy = taking forever, I'm not even kidding.

Speaking of, welcome to yet another Sober October! Here's hoping I can make it through this eighth month in a row! Who's with me? Yeah, I know, no one. It's Texas Wine Month and there's pumpkin ale everywhere and hard cider and Oktoberfest and football is on. It's generally a ridiculous time for sobriety. The good news is, October might be my favorite month of the year, so the fact that it will go by ridiculously slowly is sort of a bonus? Silver lining. Look how much my mood improves when I stuff myself with almond butter before posting!

Anyway, Anna had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's house this weekend. She spent a lot of time playing with blocks, really honing her signature architectural style.

It does not lack focus.
Interestingly, she applies the same principles to her meal planning.

This should get us to noon.

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