Mardi Blah wait do I use this title every year

Listen, today is Pancake Tuesday and nothing can take that away from us, do you hear me? NOTHING.

The absolute unyielding torrent of ridiculousness that is our current state of being calls for pancakes made of Funfetti mix and I will not hear otherwise.

Ivy knows what I'm talking about.

I also threw down some Monday night Chickpea Pancakes with Leeks, Squash, and Yogurt and I am going to admit to you right now that when I picked this recipe it was 100% to make a "the leeks are real" joke because I forgot that 483759 other things would happen between that being topical and this post going up. My bad.

Also though please read this story because the sentence that begins "Spicer also warned the group" is one of the best things I have seen in 2017.

I also made some Coconut Bread because those Oscars were cocoNUTS am I right no just kidding it's because Smitten Kitchen tweeted a recipe that I already had all the ingredients for.

Thanks Deb! 

Anyway, Anna woke up FULL OF VOMIT like so many of her Mardi-Gras-celebrating brethren so we are are having a low key day here. We'll probably spend it trying to determine where on the affection/antipathy scale Dan TDM falls for us.

I think they are leaning toward "attack"