Hey quick question, how do you say "Happy Valentine's Day" in Russian? Asking for a former national security adviser. I kid, I kid, as we all know the whole thing is a misunderstanding due to the fast pace of events and the GOP will sort it out after they've finished their romantic Valentine's breakfasts with their wives. It's taking care of itself!

I've decided that it is SRIRACHA WEEK because sriracha is my love language. Put it in some chicken salad! Go on, don't be shy.

Taste the romance


The kittens are still very skittish, so Ivy is trying various disguises to gain their trust, including

fellow cat

gentle vet

I assume the Minnie Mouse ears are next, will update as needed.

Since Jason Chaffetz doesn't really have anything on his plate at the moment maybe he can investigate who is to blame for the following February 11th situation:

I demand answers

In the meantime, maybe your day be filled with donuts, bouncy houses, and quiet contemplation.