Deep State of exhaustion

Let me just start by saying, no matter what unappealing items are on your to-do list today, at least you were not assigned this Herculean task.

It's still Sriracha Week, so just, I don't know, put it on some frozen vegetables and eggs or something, do I look like I am capable of following detailed recipes right now? At least I got all the ingredients inside the bowl.

This counts as the biggest Electoral College win since Reagan and anyone saying otherwise is fake news

If you are a, let's say, concerned citizen, and don't know about 5calls.org, you should check it out. It sort of directs you to the most efficient path for screaming for hours in abject horror addressing the issues are important to you. It is indisputable that the #1 downside of democracy is the fact that it involves telephones, but here we are.

Don't give up