Recommendation Tuesday

Hey guys, today I'm here with a list of suggestions for things to try if you're feeling...stressed or something. Bummed about the Super Bowl maybe. Unhappy with your current internet provider. Frustrated by traffic. Terrified of creeping fascism and the slow-motion destruction of the republic. Could be anything!

1. Put harissa on salmon. Do this. This one is not optional.

2. Make banana bread, but also put chocolate chips in it.

3. Give the Sleep With Me podcast a shot if, like me, you have had absolutely inexplicable bouts of insomnia for the past, I don't know, nineteen days or so. The premise of the show is that Drew Ackerman tells boring nonsense stories until your brain gives up trying to follow them and falls asleep and I love it. Although, warning: he occasionally hits upon a topic that my brain actually finds very compelling, such as shopping for Super Bowl sandwich ingredients at Trader Joe's.

4. Put on your cat shirt and cat socks and cat sandals and cat bow and grab your cat friend.

5. Bring home actual cat.

6. Hell man, bring home two of 'em.