I still get to call it "holiday weight" for a month or so

I feel that the manner in which most of you are currently consuming blueberries is quite boring in light of Anna's blueberry-eating process:

Dump all berries onto floor. Pick up one berry. Place it in the bowl. Take it out of the bowl and eat it.

Attempt to climb into the bowl.


Victory hat.
Friday night I made slow-cooker pork tacos. They were very tasty. They were also the third in a four-meal streak of eating only tacos, which I believe is a personal best.

Also having them for lunch today.
We went to check out the Sunday roast at our pub that we own and it was full-on delightful. Know what that thing is in the corner? It's not a roll. It's a pudding, you guys. That is for real.

OG pub lunch.
Sunday afternoon I decided that an enormous plate of butter and starch wasn't quite doing it for me, so I went to my Meetup group's cookie exchange. There were obviously only delicious things there because I don't know if you've ever noticed, but overachieving stay-at-home-moms can bake the hell out of some cookies. There were brownies inside of cookies. Some mad-science stuff. That's all I'm saying.

Anyway, all this taco cookie Sunday roast nonsense has created such a sense of guilt in me that I renewed our CSA. For those of you who remember how relieved I was when we canceled it, you understand the significance of this. I'm almost sure the CSA caused my complicated relationship to kale, among other things, and here I am going right back to it. Prepare yourselves kids, as 2011 is destined to be the year of the well-documented giant vegetable box.


  1. bwah ha! I was actually considering a CSA but honestly the thought of kale was one of the things that was discouraging me. That and the fact that I don't cook. Way to go on the taco streak - I am proud.

  2. Hey I want to send you guys a Christmas card! Can you send your address to me? My email is erica at polkadothippo.com