She's really getting into the spirit of things now

One of Anna's early Christmas presents is a baby doll that talks and wriggles around, and she's still working out how she feels about it. Yesterday she kept bringing it up to me, shoving it in my hands, then making this sequence of expressions:

And so on. For about twenty minutes. At which point she started smacking its head like it was a Whack-a-Mole game. Good luck, hypothetical future younger sibling! I'll try to keep you out of her reach.

She's much more at ease with the making-Hopper-look-more-festive project.

Committee chair.

I might let her decorate hypothetical future younger sibling, actually.
Okay, Christmas Part Two commences this afternoon, so frequency of updates will probably just depend on how much I want to avoid my in-laws. HAHA, JUST KIDDING IN-LAWS, WHO TOTALLY READ THIS BLOG. Love you guys!

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  1. Got your Christmas card - so cute! Enjoy your holiday.