Goodbye 2010, you made me fat (and fairly happy)

Okay, time to get serious about cramming in as many end-of-the-year excesses as possible. It is my understanding that "The Holidays" are ceasing very soon, and hourly candy consumption will once again become a frowned-upon habit. Today, if it looks like a peanut butter cup, it is going in my mouth. (Take that, ancient Roman hedonists!)

On Wednesday night we went to NXNW to finally use a gift card that had been beckoning since Dan's birthday in July. The entire meal was very good but the only thing that really mattered was the enormous plate of roasted garlic bulbs spread over goat cheese and toast. Is this appetizer intended for two people? No, it is not. We were undeterred by this reality.

Anna did eat the corner of one of the toasts.
Yesterday morning we opened the awesome homemade jelly and jam that Garrett and Emily gave us for Christmas.

These are flavors that should always go together. Always.
I made some biscuits. And warmed up some ham. And shaved some slices of cheese.

I don't understand why the Wii Fit keeps saying that my BMI is going up.
But UH OH, here comes the CSA box of plant-based doom! I made some chicken schnitzel and a large salad, which is the least imaginative way to go when faced with 10 pounds of vegetation. (In my defense, I'm not sure what else to do with "salad mix" and "salad turnips.") Clearly I did not tackle any difficult vegetables yet, but the following items will NOT be compost-bound: salad mix, turnips, carrot, tomatoes.

The future is here, and it looks...sort of colorful and pleasant, actually.
Yesterday's excitement also included Anna's last Christmas present of the year (I think?), a Sit 'n Spin from Kay. I didn't get any pictures that really captured it, but she was beyond impatient with Dan's assembly efforts.

"DAD. Just...let...me...do...it."
It was all worth it when it was finally put together!

The most fun toy in the world!

For six and a half seconds.
Happy New Year's, boys and girls! Fun, safe, etc. etc. Only two years until the end of the world so we should probably live it up.

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