Magazine Week commences with some low-hanging fruit

I realize that Cookbook #48: The Best of Bon Appétit (Bon Appétit, 1979) really belongs in the History Week series and probably deserves at least a month of me trying to recreate all of the amazing pictures in it, but I'm going to be lazy and use it to kick off Magazine Week instead.

...as of 1979.

Provenance: The same library sale that provided my Cooking Light book, though this one is a much better get, historical-artifact-wise. You know how I'm always complaining about the lack of nice color pictures in these things? Well, good news! My wish has been granted, albeit by one of those evil fairy tale genies.

I think those are pickles.

I just registered for a cauldron at Crate and Barrel.

This one isn't too appealing, everyone knows I don't really like shrimp.



Recipe: Steak with Onion, Green Pepper, and Tomatoes. I think I've discussed the fact that steak-cooking is one of my weak areas, so I'm always looking for guidance on the subject. I figured this BA collection was a little dated, but it might still help me with basic technique.


Here's where I admit how little regard I have for 1979 cuisine: my first thought wasn't "That's probably a typo meaning oven-broiled, although that still doesn't help me," but rather "Of course they want it OVER-broiled, that demonfish appetizer has placed a curse on their tastebuds."

I regular-broiled it.

I also made swiss chard with walnuts, but there was nothing distressing about it.

Verdict: this book is awesome, clearly. You have no idea how close I came to making Meatloaf With A Golden Halo. And now you really want to know what that entails. Yeah, I'm afraid I might come back to this one.

The girls enjoyed some ice cream this week.

And Ivy finally got her chance to commune with weird blue cow.