Lite Week: just a wan precursor to Snack Weekend

I'm splitting today's post into two parts, mostly so that people looking for a recap of the weekend don't have to slog through Cookbooks #22 and #23 (not you, you stay here and slog), and also because I feel like my first encounter with pub cheese deserves its own entry. Deserves its own blog, really.

But first, important business: you are here to look at vegetables. Last week was my first cookbook repeat, as I went back to the vegan well for this 2nd Avenue Vegetable Korma from #4, Appetite for Reduction. I guess when your entire diet is plant-based, you need to be pretty skilled at making vegetables taste delicious, so it's no surprise that this was very good.

Most of us can just add bacon and cheese to things.

I used Cookbook #22: Healthy Cooking For Two (or Just You) (Frances Price, 1997) to make amends for my shameful lack of noodles during Thai Week. I'm not sure how authentic this Hong Kong Primavera with Spicy Peanut Sauce was, but noodles + peanuts = good enough for me. Provenance: I bought this one. Previous recipes on this blog: none that I can find, but I used to cook out of this a lot when there were actually only two of us.

I don't know why cabbage so thoroughly enhances pasta, but it does. It does.
Verdict: no pictures, but a nice variety of simple recipes. I'll probably keep using it on nights when we don't need a whole pile of food, assuming such a scenario ever arises.

Okay, hang in there, we're almost through this Cookbook #23: The Complete Cooking Light Cookbook (Cathy A. Wesler, 2000). Provenance: I think my grandfather got this at a library book sale and I snatched it right up. Previous recipes on this blog: none. Recipes: Tuscan Cod and Green Beans with Bacon Balsamic Vinaigrette.

See? Just have to add bacon.
Verdict: this meal was really good, there are tons of nice color pictures, there are about one million recipes in this thing. It's 13 years old, so I doubt you can find it outside of random library book sales, but in general I would give a thumbs up to the Cooking Light franchise even if (because?) those green beans were coated in brown sugar.

The girls have been busy boldly facing down the elements.

It was sunny and 75 degrees when I took this picture. Once it drops below 80, you really can't be too careful.

And there was crazy-ass 18-wheeler-toppling wind when I took this one.  Unfazed.