Unless your weekend involved a pudding tower, I think I win

I've spent all day circling around how to recap this weekend's party in Arizona, but as I already mentioned on Twitter, it's not an easily recappable event, made up as it is of small delights rather than grand events. Fortunately, many of those small delights were of the edible variety, so my PJ's at TJ's roundup is pretty much just going to consist of 800,000 photographed calories. (The same as a regular weekend but better-organized.)

Snack Wall. It's sort of like the Banana Republic/Bluefly/Piperlime/Lord&Taylor accessory wall on Project Runway, but it involves more Starburst.

Good, solid chip-based spread.

I guess I could have taken a picture of the pub cheese before it was demolished but there was no time no time gotta eat the pub cheeeeeeese.

Fruit! Right there. Under the chocolate.

And that looks like some vegetation! I'm not sure, I was on the pub cheese other side of the counter.

Did have to step out for a hot meal, obviously.

I stuffed almost all of these in my purse on my way out the door. No, seriously, I did that.

Haaaaa, I mean, come on. Beautiful.

Good, solid chip-based spread: evening edition.

Bowl o' exotic Canadian delights from the Far North.

Is there anything more appealing than pudding in a tower formation? That's how you know you're at a fancy party.

Chocolate things.

Squishy things.

The cornerstone of any self-respecting slumber party.

Don't get me wrong--as fun as it was, it wasn't a perfect, magical experience across the board. There was...an incident.

The pain is still so fresh.
Anyway, if you've never had the exquisite pleasure of filling a suitcase with nothing but elastic waistbands, I recommend that you start making arrangements to do so as soon as possible. It is a beautiful experience. In fact, by Saturday afternoon, my brain was in such a relaxed state that when I encountered purple jeggings on clearance while wandering aimlessly through Target, it didn't just seem like a good thing. It seemed like the best thing.

Cheers, you guys!