Also, that frosting looked significantly less fecal in person

Guess what I did this weekend? I ate empanadas that someone else made and I cannot recommend this strategy highly enough.

I don't even know what was in them! Some manner of delicious meat-mixture!
It was all part of my brother-in-law's birthday extravaganza (29 for the first time WINK WINK). As you know, approaching birthday parties with trepidation/disdain is basically Anna's favorite activity. Let's see how "plate of cake and ice cream" went down.

Curiosity about the world's largest fork.

Attempt to wrangle it.

Abandonment of said attempt.



I did cook a bit, though. After the birthday bacchanalia (did you see the size of the forks?) I thought we'd veer toward the basic. The hearty. The peasant-ish. Lentil soup! Inspired by Jess's last Food Lush Post, this was really beautiful and satisfying and everyone in the family ate it so also slightly magical, perhaps.

Was going to say "Don't worry that it looks like a bowl full of mustard," then realized that I can't associate with anyone who would be put off by such a thing.

In other news, happy 15 months, Ivy girl! I could probably get some good and/or funny pictures of you if you weren't constantly in motion.

This is her "Sorry you're so slow, Ma" look.