Other options include Ladies Godiva, some type of protestors

It's not unusual for a week bookended by party-hosting gigs to have a meal plan along the lines of "it seems like there's probably enough food in the house," and this week definitely fell into that category.  Here are my extremely helpful strategies in such a situation.

1. Put everything in a bowl. Add liquid. Look, you made soup! Bonus points one of the ingredients you have on hand is a huge jar of roast beef. Extra bonus points if you actually have several of these on hand, and also shoot me an email because I think you are probably my sibling. Minus two points if you feel compelled to throw, like, a quarter cup of quinoa in at the end. Weirdo.

2. Put root vegetables in a bowl. Add an egg. Look, you made hash! Oh. You made beet hash. Well, at least write yourself a note for your bathroom so you avoid unnecessary panic in about twelve hours.

3. Put everything in a tortilla. Look, you made tacos! Add scrambled eggs. Look, you made breakfast tacos! Welcome to Austin.

One of my children seems to be attempting to potty-train herself and the other one of my children is four years old, the result of which is zero pictures of either of them that include clothing at the moment. Let's see if extreme close-ups can give us any new insight into the girls?

Ivy: slightly feral, covered in food.

Anna: barely tolerant of me.

Nope! All is in order. Apologies in advance to people attending tomorrow's Halloween party, in case this clothing situation remains unresolved. ("They're dressed as the Invisible Man. Use your imagination.")