Fortunately, orange and black are two of the more nutritious food groups

Mom's group Halloween party time! Get ready to hold all the orange and black foods I can come up with, table!

Theeeeeeeeemes. Unoriginal theeeeeeeeeeeeemes.

I also threw in some caramel apple sticky buns and lo, they were beautiful.

Not everybody went for these, but those who did are now forever under their spell.

Anna took this opportunity to practice her "I think you should give me a cupcake" face.

(She's dressed as a cat burglar.)


She was just going to burgle one anyway.

Ivy was a little tough to nail down.

Oh there she is--partying it up with BFF Scarlett, of course.

Save some fun for the rest of us, girls!

If you ever attend a party at our house just know that you are safe from evil and excess cupcakes because Anna is watching.

Always watching.

My brother was in town for a couple of days, so we swing by Lucy's Fried Chicken for lunch.

As you do.

Nathaniel, having bold youngest-sibling tendencies, decided that ridiculous fried chicken wasn't enough and ordered a plate of deep-fried deviled eggs.

He'll show you ridiculous.

Ivy, being a youngest child herself, was completely in favor. Actually, she wants to make sure you see what's going on here.