The owl and the pussycat

Hey there, how was everyone's Halloween? Did you dress up? I went as a lady whose eye makeup was slightly too aggressive for daylight hours. A sexy one. As you are well aware, federal blogging regulations require that I post pictures of en-costumed children today. (You may not realize that there are new guidelines in place making the pointing out of said obligation mandatory as well.)

Ivy takes this costuming business very seriously, as you can see by her physical insistence that all visitors don festival apparel throughout the month of October.

They're usually pretty grateful.

She is also serious about the following:

Pumpkin innards

Being made to pose sweetly before receiving candy


Usually-serious sister, however, got a little sassy in her kitty outfit.

Probably because she knew how much fun Cash and Scarlett's party was going to be. Really, how can you avoid being excited about a shindig that involves:

Infested punch

This nonsense, which allows me to claim that I didn't eat any candy last night because I ate five pounds of devil-mix instead, although it's POSSIBLE that there is candy within it, I guess

I guess.

The greatest pie in all the land


Blue tongues

Guts-covered shoes

Sugar-wired owls

A fun evening all around. Uh oh guys, I'd better go, I think Anna just realized that we dressed her in head-to-toe black and sent her out to roam the streets at night.