Previously on Unemployed Lawyer Mom

Great news, all. My decision to branch out into Facebook posting has garnered upward of three new readers. Welcome, friends! I thought it might be nice to give you a little primer on what we're about here. First of all, the previous sentence is the only time I've ever used the editorial "we," so it's pretty exciting that you were here for that. Second, although it was historically a lawn and garden blog, it has mostly developed into a badly-lit food, weirdly-expressioned kid situation. I'm actually 94 cookbooks into a 100 cookbook project, although that seems to have stalled out a bit for various reasons, one of which is that birthdays and the associated inexorable march of time make me feel tired.


If you are anxious to check out my food-project prowess in action, you can visit the time I cooked every recipe in an issue of Bon Appetit or the time I did a Whole 30. These were both good ideas that went very well, as I recall. Anyway, I'm sorry for the current lack of food content. I should probably make "I spend a lot of time making excuses and apologizing, just like in real life" my Third Point. I do want to note that I was fed Frito pie for the second time in one calendar week, thus confirming the accuracy of this survey.

Thanks, Mary Beth!

To make up for my lack of badly-lit meals, I'm going to throw in a series of badly-lit attempts to corner my two children in one photograph. Bonus: Anna's devolution from bemusement to defeat is almost an exact mirror of my own facial expressions throughout any given day. It's so gratifying to see yourself in your children.

I never promised you a happy ending. Anyway, I think #2 for the Christmas cards, right?