Delegation station

Let's see here…two days until Thanksgiving, less than a month until Christmas, carry the four…yep, Holiday Stress Season is upon us! Not for me though, not this year, no siree. This year I realized that three other able-bodied people live in this house and really, when I think about it, I function best in an advisory role, so I'm planning to ride out 2013 watching Sleepy Hollow on my laptop while my minions do all my work for me be more of a director this time around. Case in point: I neither cooked the recipe in today's cookbook entry nor took a single of the following pictures. Also, I am dictating this to Ivy from across the hall, so please have some patience if it gets off topLOLLIPOP LOLLIPOP LOLLIPOP

Right, so. Chocolate Oat Scones with Dried Cherries it is. Cookbook #97: 1001 Chocolate Treats (Gregg Gillespie, 1996) seems like something I should have gotten around to at some point in the previous 11 months, but I think I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of chocolate treats. It's just so many, honestly. I only need about 369 chocolate treats in my rotation, 370 tops. So I entrusted Dan and the girls with a recipe for scones that we already had ingredients for and Anna with the camera. Let's see what happened!


Dirty table, for context.

Pretty intense closeup here. It's almost like you're inside the scone.

In case you were wondering what happens when you leave a four-year-old with a camera for about 10 minutes, I can tell you: 150 pictures of a four-year-old and her ceiling fan.


Selfie with hat

Inexplicable ghost selfie

Foot selfie




Bringing it all together

Abstaining from all responsibilities Carefully assigning tasks does come with its drawbacks, though. Sometimes leaving the house by yourself for a couple of hours means you miss a pretty dope party.

Or some type of festivity, anyway.

But on the whole, I think this is working for me, so I'll just be over here bundled up and eating chocolate scones. Happy holidays!