Gone networkin'

I'm off to a professional conference for ambitious and high-acheiving women this morning (OBVIOUSLY), so I don't have a real post for you. Actually, someone else bought me a ticket, perhaps sensing that I'm currently in the perfect headspace for Career Advancement 101. (If you are considering spending a fair amount of time searching that website for the luncheon menu, I'm here to tell you not to bother because you're going to be disappointed. Further, if you type "menu" into the Search box, you will be greeted with the words "Quick! Define Your Brand!" and you will close the tab in a sweaty panic.) Anyway, I kid, I kid! I deserve to meet Rachael Ray as much as the next lady if not more! And I assume there is a Careers in Space and/or Ancient Norse Warrioring Pavilion, so I'm probably all set. So now I'm going to go…put on earrings? I guess? And leave you with Anna's blueprint for achieving the perfect birthday party interpretive dance.

Setting the stage

Engaging the audience

Kinda losing the audience



Marching thumbs

Leading the crowd in some clapping

Using the space

Retrieving the audience; making her push you around in the Cozy Coupe until it's time for cake