House of Big Girls

It has been an action-packed few days around these parts, friends. I always forget that the autumn trade-off for not having 105-degree days is that people are going to start expecting me to leave the house kind of a lot. Like twice in one day sometimes. Madness, I know, but I will do basically anything in exchange for jacket weather (read: below 82). So here we go! First up, superhero birthday party.

The best thing about this party was the cape, as it gave Anna a chance to embody the various types of superhero to see which one was right for her. That seems like a pretty important milestone. Actually, I should probably let Ivy do some cape experimentation today in preparation for her checkup tomorrow, just in case that question makes the survey ("Ivy has shown interest in a Stan Lee model. Excelsior!") Let's see what Anna went with:

Distant and brooding?



Ah, looks like she landed on "twirly." Very good.

Next event: preschool Fall Festival. Nice weather, well-organized, tons of fun activities for the kids. Pumpkin decorating, mask-making, petting zoo, dress-up picture station--basically everything normal children would need to stay entertained.

I assume.

More importantly, the potluck game at this thing was intense.

Homemade tamale, anyone? Turkish chickpeas? The other plate (not pictured) is entirely devoted to various quinoa salads.

My contribution? Oh. I, uh, put tomatoes on top of puff pastry.

And yes it IS appropriate to bring an "End of Summer" dish to a November event, thank you.

Hey, I know what the people want.

(Things that taste like pizza.) 

Last and most importantly, my squishy little harbinger of milkshakes turned TWO yesterday. We had to cancel our semi-grand plans for a birthday outing due to rain, but no matter. Turns out if you show up at the toy store one minute after they open on a wet Monday morning, you pretty much have the run of the place. I highly recommend it.



Of course, the downside of a mostly empty store is being a little extra creeped out by whatever is happening in this dollhouse display.

Nothing good!

We ran her through her fun-paces until she basically collapsed.

The Pink Chair of Surrender

I was pleased to see that she wasn't too zombified to add an appropriate amount of butter to her dinner pancakes.

That's my big girl.

Anyway, time to go. We have work to do.