Would you excuse me? I cut my foot before and my shoe is filling up with blood.

Good morning and welcome to Totally Employed Lawyer Mom. As you know, we will be discussing my high-powered career in…business. I'm actually typing this on my new flip phone.

Um, I invented Post-Its.

Okay, not really, obviously I spent that conference listening to a couple of writers discuss mental illness because that was more in my comfort zone than, say, personal finance. I did at least put on a scarf like a grown-up lady. But then it was time to stop goofing off and get back to work, so I tackled Cookbook #96: The Great Big Baking Book (Carole Clements, 2002). Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none. I made a Date and Pecan Loaf. (That's British for Date and Pecan Bread.)

They're right though, look at it just LOAFING AROUND. (I'm sorry.) (I'm kind of tired today.)

It seems as though the original edition was actually American and this one is decidedly not, so for some reason I have a cookbook that was once about "cookies" and is now about "biscuits" (thumbs up) and also wants me to measure out 55 grams of brown sugar (thumbs so far down, come on). Verdict: I love a quick bread, and this one was very good. I'm thinking about investing a bunch of time up front learning what various measures of flour and sugar look like so that I can eyeball them in the future because come on.

Anyway, I've been sticking with a culinary palette of orange and brown and green and darkness, as befits the season.

Blackened fish with Fall Panzanella Salad.

Brown Butter Spaghetti with (Chard) and Roasted Butternut Squash.

Ivy is sick.

Photo credit: Anna Huff

We're trying some alternative therapies.

Photo credit: Anna Huff. Wardrobe by: the suction bottom of our outer space plate

I thought the fever was to blame for my inability to get a smile out of Safari Monster, but it turns out Safari Monster was just trying to get to work and I was in her way. I think it would have been more obvious had she been wearing a scarf.

My bad.