The bags under my eyes are part of the costume

It had been a while since I'd made Regan drive out to the suburbs for somewhat uncomfortable/deeply uncool/costume-required/occasionally near-Lynchian entertainments, and since that is essentially the basis of our friendship, I snapped into action: Mardi-Gras-themed murder mystery dinner party. The beauty of this plan was that I got to co opt her hometown and force her to use her toll tag. (The flip side of our relationship is that she hosts elegant brunches and invites me to them. Perfectly symbiotic.)

Anyway, as per my general policy on these matters, I did not photograph other people's lovely costumes, but know that Emily was a super hot French maid, Regan was a highly coordinated yet ambiguously-gendered chef with knuckle tats, and Kay had the most purple fedora I have ever seen. Imagine away! Here are pictures of the food I made:

Stuffed mushrooms. Healthy-ish, so as to dampen the spirit of the party a bit. There was a murder, after all.

Risotto jambalaya from Louisiana's Cooking Secrets. It took about two hours at the stove and I still got one "I thought you were making jambalaya, not risotto," so that was definitely worth it.

Praline fudge. Um. I found that every time I looked directly at the praline fudge it became impossible to complete any task beyond eating the praline fudge. No one complained about this one.

My character was a lawyer, so I just wore my regular lawyer clothes.

I'm pretty sure this is exactly what my parents had in mind when they bought me that briefcase ten years ago.

Ivy was the charismatic globetrotter.

With a mysterious blind sheep companion.

SPOILER ALERT Ivy was the murderer. Kind of obvious in retrospect.

Hey, according to my watch it's about pumpkin-patch-thirty, am I right? Listen, I have to be honest, we struggled with some things this year.



Caring about small furry mammals:

But at least we made it home with some pumpkins. I think. There might be pumpkins in the trunk of the car. You know what, I'm at least 90% certain that we came back with two children and 72% certain that they are our children. YAY ALL DONE WITH PUMPKIN PATCH!