Could just switch to an all-screenshot format

Current mood: predicted highs of 103-105 this week; nightmares involving an evil and tenacious turtle and an equally evil and tenacious elf; Winds of Winter will literally never be published; can't look anywhere without seeing either Jared Kushner or TJ Miller's dumb smirking faces and no thank you to both. It's officially summer!

If you're curious about how up I am on #fresh #content for this space, I opened my photos this morning and thought "oh sweet we did something interesting and I managed to take pictures of it" for a split second before realizing those were screenshots from a preview The Bachelorette.

Pretend we went to Spain

So I guess my point is that I'm not sure why I'm here wasting your time when we all need as many screaming-helplessly-into-the-void minutes as possible right now, but here is a recipe for skillet pasta that involves setting your oven to 500 degrees because who cares anymore anyway.

Some men just want to watch the cheese brown

Kinds seems like I should decrease my posting schedule to once a week. Or year?