Keep Calm etc. etc.

This week's food theme flowed directly from last week's television consumption, a strategy I might consider sticking with for the rest of the summer/my life, we'll see how it goes. Anna and I started watching The Supersizers Go, a ten-year-old BBC show featuring Sue from The Great British Bake Off and a restaurant critic named Giles dressing and eating from different periods of British history for a week at a time. It's tremendous, and I highly recommend it (you can stream it on Hulu or YouTube).

Oh, I can see where you might think, at this point, that the meal plan was based on different periods of British history, but that's not...no. Sorry.

So we were watching the "Wartime" episode first, all about rations and Captain Carrot and Potato Pete and The National Loaf and it was very edifying and packed with nutrition and yay. On to the next episode! The Restoration! 1660! Oh wow that's a...skinned cow head there. Hmm. And are they peeling a tongue? Yep yep. So Anna made it about 45 seconds into the overview of the Restoration episode before we decided on this week's meal plan, which is: Vegetables.

Tacos with Summer Squash, Tomatoes and Beans

One-Pan Farro with Tomatoes

Broccoli Pizza

All successful, and now we are well-fueled for our various home-improvement projects.