The swamp will not defeat her

Guys, I am very tired because I stayed up to follow the Senate vote on Twitter last night, but it was worth it because that plot line has been completely bonkers this season. I'm hoping the sweet sweet blessing of Mitch McConnell's disappointment will sustain me through the, let me check....mmm yes highs of 105 and 106 the next two days. COOL ME WITH YOUR SPECTACULAR FAILURE, EVIL TURTLE. SOOTHE MY BURNING FLESH WITH YOUR SCOWL.

Ahem. I have basically entrusted Smitten Kitchen with all summer weeknight meals at this point and it's going very well for me. Lesson: the only thing I ever actually want to eat when it's hot is starch + cheese + vegetable.

Broccoli rubble farro salad with a poached egg

Summer squash pizza

Current mood: somewhere between these two.