Meat Month: Days 26-28

You know what's a nice word? Penultimate. I think it means more than ultimate. You know, like infamous means more than famous. PENunltimate. As in, this is the pen! ultimate! day of my extended tour of Meatsylvania.

Anyway, you may notice that the pictures in this entry are extra dark and sad-looking, but ask yourself: is it due to Erica's recent apathy regarding decent lighting as well as almost everything else? Or is it just that a gloomy meat-cloud has descended upon the entire house, impenetrable to anything but refined flour and sugar?

(Trick question, it's both.)

That up above is some chicken apple breakfast sausage, which tasted good but had a weird texture so I crumbled it up with some other stuff and put an egg on it and uuuuugh that was even more boring to write about than it was to do in the first place.

This is butternut squash. It was actually my favorite thing this week, probably because nuts are on the "LIMIT CONSUMPTION" list and I felt like I was being naughty. I served it with tilapia, which has rarely if ever been worth photographing.

I also used nutritional yeast without checking the source of it I am OUT OF CONTROL.

I made some blackened catfish fajitas but left out the sugar, butter, tortillas, sour cream, and cheese. To make up for it, I added mashed cauliflower.

This grim and grainy staging is starting to make sense now, right?

And finally, cabbage. With, I don't know, pork...strips. This was in place of going to Black Star's Oktoberfest this week. Who even wants a lineup of local and international Oktoberfest beers? I have water! So much water. Some of it sparkles. Good for washing down pork strips.

It's almost over it's almost over it's almost over
I know it seems like I would have started keeping Anna's food out of Ivy's reach by now, but I kind of like having an 11-month-old who feeds herself, sue me.

Good job, second baby. Keep it up.
I do get the feeling that everyone is ready for some delicious carbs to start emerging from the oven.