Meat Month: Days 15-18

When last we spoke I was a bit low. A bit tired, a bit meat-laden, a bit so sick of cooking you wouldn't believe it. I decided a mid-point break was in order, so we set our sights for Elevation Burger, where I was so happy to not be creating more dirty dishes that I didn't even mind having to order a head of lettuce to stay on-plan.

Lettuce that someone else rinsed off! I hope!
Okay, there was a burger somewhere in there. A burger that I did not enjoy one bite of due to my obsessive concern that they were sneaking sugar into the pickles or soy into the tomatoes or beans into the mustard or WHO even knows WHAT because I am a legitimate crazy person now. So this eating plan designed to make me stop worrying about my food is doing a bang-up job.

At any rate, it was enough to get me back up on that dirty-dish-making-horse. Saturday morning I hit the ground running (literally, I had running class) and also made some Brussels sprouts hash. I used coconut oil instead of butter and prosciutto instead of bacon because everything on earth has sugar in it and is terrible. I've had kale and asparagus for breakfast in the past, but somehow Brussels sprouts first thing in the morning seems like a new low high point in self-betterment.

Passion for eggs: rekindled. Whew, that was a rough couple of days.
I'm afraid that between these Moroccan meatballs and last week's Rogan Josh I am forced to concede defeat in my quest to like the taste of lamb.

Good news, sheep! I do not like eating you.
I changed so many ingredients that it's tough to call this Coronation chicken, but I'm giving it a "loosely based on" credit. It follows the same general curried chicken salad idea.

Plus many carrots because I need caaaaaarbs to ruuuuuuun.
This onion and pepper smothered round steak from Emeril was really good even leaving out the flour (which meant there wasn't really gravy per se, just juice) and throwing it on top of mashed beets and sweet potatoes (instead of white rice).

So now you know how desperate I am for carbs. I will take them from beets.
Now let's take a gander at some of the things I did not eat this weekend.

Why yes, there WERE two different sets of chocolate cupcakes in there! Good eye. It's fine though, I was distracted by how much fun Anna was having, between multiple birthday parties:

And working on her indoors-art:

Who needs chocolate cupcakes when you have all this youthful exuberance filling you up?