Meat Month: Days 19-21

Good morning! Who's ready for fish and kale? Always a delight.

Actually, this only took about ten minutes, so I loved it very, very much.
I also busted out the crockpot and made some chicken tikka masala. For several years now I have been professing to love curry and it has recently come to my attention that I might actually just love naan.

I could take or leave everything nann-adjacent.
No idea what inspired me to make ratatouille this week oh wait yes it must have been the 438th viewing of that film. The first 437 viewings only inspired me to pine after red wine and cheese. And wonder if I could train rodents to help me in the kitchen.

Also, I've been eating it for breakfast with scrambled eggs. You know. The traditional way.
It might seem like I took the easy way out on this one, using packaged sausage and sauerkraut, but you are severely underestimating the amount of time I spent reading and re-reading the labels in search of hidden badness. I think the 8-hour crockpot chicken was faster.

I know it seems fine, but I had to go over it with a black light in search of "CONTAINS SOY."

What if the traditional method of making sauerkraut somehow involves peanuts?? These things take time to research.
I'm withholding final judgment until next week, but as of right now I feel good. I do not feel amazing. I feel the same amount of good I always do when I work out and cut out junk food and alcohol. My runs are back to normal, but not really any better than normal. I. Am. Tired. Of. Cooking. So things will have to take a pretty phenomenal upswing in the next week (still possible!) to prevent a big ol' pile of pancakes from landing in my mouth on Day 31.

Remember when I had to trick 11-month-old Anna into eating strawberries and was very proud of myself? This has not been an issue with Ivy, who happily scavenged them off of her sister's snack plate.

I guess it beats her normal television snack.

It's often hard for me to pour Anna's morning cereal without just sticking my face right down in it and going to town. But it helps that she's not taking all those delicious dairy-carbs for granted.