There were miniature desserts too, but my mouth got to them before my camera

I'm afraid since getting back from my trip I haven't quite geared up for things like looking at recipes or exerting any significant effort on dinner. I start daydreaming that I am standing in line at the omelet station at The Court of Two Sisters and suddenly hours have passed and I'm scrambling to throw together the least appetizing steak fajitas in history.

It's weird to describe food as melancholic, but there it is.

And honestly, how little attention was I paying when I inadvertently made a Whole30-compliant dinner for no reason? That's just shoddy.

I even cooked the sweet potatoes in coconut oil, it was a full paleo relapse.

Luckily for me (and all of us) Mary Beth hosted Bunco this week and made a MINIATURE THANKSGIVING FEAST HOLY COW LOOK AT THAT.

Plus she is nine months pregnant, which 1) makes this even more impressive and 2) also sort of explains it.

Every Thanksgiving food, on sage biscuits.

Delicious things inside of other things.

Delicious things inside of other things, Part Two.

I picked up these duchess potatoes and dunked them in the gravy boat like so many Oreos, oh yes I did.

This veered a little close to "green and healthy" for me, but I'll allow it.

Even though I haven't quite got my cooking mojo back yet, it's worth it to be home because I missed some little munchkin faces! They missed me too, I'm almost sure.

She's definitely going to remember who I am any day now.

No one in New Orleans showed a proper amount of skepticism regarding their breakfast items. Side effect of free Bloody Mary refills, probably.

Mostly we're just getting back into a routine. Hanging with friends.

If I made this expression at you in NOLA, please know that this is actually our "having fun" face.

Aaaand I just saw that Laura nominated me to answer a list of questions, which I will maybe do later. Or not. Do. I have kind of a lot of housework to ignore today. Sorry Laura! XOXO