You'll never see the end of this post coming

I just want to say right off that bat that these pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes are not the most foul-looking special holiday breakfast I've ever put on the table.

Sorry, guys! Looking vaguely fungal barely even gets you in the game.

But I do grant that they may have deserved Anna's judgment.

Ignore the fact that this is also how she looks at cereal. And puppies.

I may be too lazy to come up with creative "spooky" foods for Halloween, but I like to think mine was the only kid to show up at school with cinnamon sugar roasted pumpkin seeds and a blood orange.

I'm trying to teach her about subtlety.

The pumpkin gnocchi in a creamy gorgonzola sauce tasted only vaguely of pumpkin but very much of gorgonzola, so it has my hearty endorsement.

I imagine you could use a dish sponge as a sauce-delivery system and it would still be good.

I even kept things orange with buffalo chicken soup the next day, just to make sure we tapered off our Halloween celebration safely. This was very easy and very tasty, although the "healthy" claims are, uh, dubious.

Also kept things gorgonzola-y. Safety first!

Anna's school requested that we not send them in costume, so her daytime costume had to be pretty stealth.

Get it? She's "kid who tolerates having her hair braided."

You know, considering how judgy she was about Anna's Oktoberfest hijinks, Ivy certainly partied down on Halloween.

"Next time you see me I'll be oooooooooooone, suckas!"

Okay, let's see, this post needs a button. Something funny, something funny...you know what? Screw it, it's Friday, I'm going cute instead.