Why yes I have celebrated Oktoberfest 17 times now

For some reason I have a hard time remembering that sandwiches are an option for dinner, which is strange, since my love of sandwiches is near Joey Tribbiani-level. I think I've solved this problem by breaking out "Pizza and Sandwiches" on my Pinterest page, so that any time I think, "I would like some food, and I would like at least one layer of bread to be involved," bam! There are a whole slew of options. First up: pan bagnat, French for "sounds fancy, but that tuna still came out of the pantry."

My reasoning behind the sweet potato leek soup behind it was that I can only find leeks in pairs even though I only ever need ONE LEEK and therefore I had a stray in the fridge.

Dinner: explained at unnecessary length.

You guys know I don't usually get political in this space, and I certainly don't want to fuel any conspiracy theorists, but I'm concerned that there were some...shenanigans at our polling place on Sunday.

You just know she voted a straight Sesame Street ticket, too.

Things got even worse when we took the little monster to Oktoberfest at NXNW, where she became increasingly opinionated.

"No, listen, man. You don't even get it."

I'd say it all hit bottom when, inspired by the oompah band, she stormed the stage to break it down monster-style.

This part is 100% true.

Moves like Frankenstein.

At some point, her buzz wore off and I think she may have had regrets about her performance.

The whole thing was a bit much for Ivy.