Now Cash's grandparents will be mad at me

I'm pretty beat, guys. Let's just have some pizza and chill out. Roasted garlic chicken pesto? Twist my arm!

Few things chill me out like smearing an entire bulb of roasted garlic on something. HEAR THAT, VAMPIRES?
I feel like I have shown you these southwest turkey sliders over spicy avocado slaw before, but I'm currently too chilled out to look that up. At any rate, I've never shown you Ivy's discerning approach to them. (Also, do not be alarmed by the paleo recipe: I added yogurt. And two slices of pumpkin bread.)

She ate it. Then she ate Anna's. Then she slammed a beer and crushed the can on her forehead.
We had a Halloween potluck for my Moms Group on Saturday! Guess what Anna went as?

Inspired by her father, Ivy spent all afternoon perfecting her aloofness.

Nailed it.
Look how much work people did!

Not that I didn't do work as well. I had to open at least four or five bags of stuff to make this Scarecrow Crunch.

Had to find the scissors in the drawer, etc.

I also made some halloween chips and then wrote a Food Lush post about it and then remembered to mention it here HIGH FIVE.

Oh, another Anna and Cash photo op! Everybody ready to take turns? Anna, you go first. Please smile for real, your grandparents are concerned.

Wow, that was actually...not too pained! Good job. Cash?

Er, Cash?

Come on, let's all just try to get on the same page, here.