Even Meat Month couldn't destroy my love of pulled pork

Ah, the bánh mì. Probably the tastiest result of French colonialism and one of the few sandwiches for which I would bother figuring out two different accent marks. (I would do it for the croque-madame or the muffuletta, but they have never required it of me.) Did you know that, like most great things, the filling can be made in a slow cooker? And that the result is a tangy, brown-sugary pile of pork that will somehow jump repeatedly into your mouth as you attempt to assemble the sandwich?

Look away, cilantrophobics. This is not for you.

Okay, I know I've shown you these gingerbread pancakes like a million times, yawn and a half, but I've never drowned them in BOILED CIDER SYRUP before! Seriously, try gingerbread and distilled apple-soul together and watch the bitter sarcasm disappear from your "Good morning."

This is a big ol' mouthful of fall.

Anyway, we're hosting my moms group's Halloween party tomorrow, so it's pretty much a flurry of activity around here. Luckily, Anna couldn't wait to help out in the kitchen!

And I put Ivy in charge of fixing up around the house.

We're almost ready!