They also think the Cat in the Hat should just settle down

Most of what I've eaten since Friday can be found over at Food Lush, as I've decided to exploit all out-of-town jaunts for their culinary content from here on out. (Listen, there was a Boerne-Restaurant-Guide-shaped hole in the internet, and I filled it.) Anyway, check it out, it's sandwichy! Then come back here and try to believe that this Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini was in fact appetizing, despite all appearances to the contrary.

I tried it from many angles. They all looked this this.

I'm starting to think my children are on the side of those who characterize The Lorax as "unfair to the logging industry."

Apparently the trees are saying "We are super fun to play with."
We took advantage of this weekend's change of scenery to try out a new, hat-free style for Anna. I think she really dug it!

Let me know if anyone needs a model who specializes in "bereft child" shots.