Some of the pictures I took of that fried chicken were basically obscene

Dan was out of town for another Friday night, so I whipped up a meatza as usual ordered a normal pizza with crust and cheese and such. I was happy about it, but the girls were pretty bummed to be missing out on my home cooking.

They forced it down.

The real food star of the weekend was the brunch buffet at the wedding we attended on Saturday. Fried chicken AND bagels with lox.

Linguists agree that "cellar door" "brunch buffet" is the most beautiful phrase in the English language.

This wedding was the closest I have ever come to walking into a living Pinterest board and I mean that as the highest compliment because it was basically the cutest thing in the universe. So apparently sometimes people pin a bunch of cool ideas and then actually do them? As opposed to half-assing one or two of them? Interesting.

Anna was so overwhelmed by it all she actually couldn't even manage a full scowl.

The mason jars were throwing her.

Anna and Cash got a chance to play one of their favorite games, One-Smile-At-A-Time. Though their enthusiasm seems to have waned a bit in the past two years. It's really less a game and more a lifelong mission to be uncooperative in cute photo op situations.

Okay, good job, Cash! Now you go, Anna.

I guess that's "Cheese"? Maybe more toward the camera next time.

Cash, come on, it doesn't work with your mouth full, dude.

You know what? Maybe you guys should just eat your snack.

Anyway, I know I joke about all the forced half-smiling and grimacing and whatnot, but sometimes it really does get me down. I just can't figure out where she got that.