Based on how much she delights herself, I'd say she's definitely going to become a blogger

Not sure what's gotten into me this week, but our meals have been exceptionally green. Maybe I sensed the impending cold front in my bones noticed online that the weather was going to turn and wanted to grab some late-late-late summer harvest while I could. Maybe four weeks out from Meat Month I have finally had my fill of beige, carby things. (Contemplates pretzels, rejects this theory.) Maybe it's time for my last-minute veggie cram before my diet becomes 80% holiday cookies. At any rate, here are a couple of nice verdant dinners for you before I make pizza again tomorrow night.

First, ginger-cilantro baked tilapia over couscous with broccoli and spinach. Man, I am just sticking it to the cilantro-avoidant among you lately. Hey, maybe I'm gearing up for Halloween--does cilantro ward off chupacabras or something?

How about goats? Does it at least ward off goats?
Then we have some skillet-baked spiced eggs with spinach, yogurt, and spiced butter. Baking eggs is actually my least favorite approach, which means I only like baked eggs about five times as much as any other food, as opposed to twenty times as much.

Maybe seven times as much when you factor in spiced butter.

Ivy continues to make friends wherever she goes.


I'm not sure what it means when a preschooler suddenly pulls a Babe Ruth during dinner, but it seems like trouble. I'm guessing that either the wall is getting a fresh coat of peanut butter or the hallway ghost is back.

Not sure...which way to root here.

Other things I'm keeping an eye on: this little planning committee. I don't think that short one is messing around.

Maybe they're writing a birthday card to PaPa? Happy birthday, PaPa! No, they're probably generating a list of non-spinach-containing dinner suggestions.