Meat Month: the aftermath...continues

Sorry, I'm just not really ready to start thinking up post titles again. In my first full week post-Meat Month, I have maintained a level of focus and clarity normally seen only in Olympic-caliber athletes and people who hike deep into the woods to meditate. (People do that, right? Intense people?) My focus: bread, cheese, and beans. My clarity: how very much I love bread, cheese, and beans. I may also have let some vegetables sneak in, out of habit.

My top priority, having missed out on some delightful Oktoberfest-doings, was to make and consume a large number of soft pretzels. DONE AND DONE.

I'm so serious about these that I do not have a joke to make here, only a mustard recommendation. Why yes I do think you need a pack of six.
Twitter gave me a little attitude about being excited about lentil soup this week, but I do not care because lentils and quinoa have been rocking my world and also soup = cheese toast.

And cheese toast = looooooove.
My greatest accomplishment of the week was finding someone to describe these bean sandwiches as "Sloppy Joes," therefore legitimizing beans on bread as a proper dinner. Look though, zucchini chips! Mega-healthy.

"Top with shredded cheese if desired," will do, thanks guys!
Just kidding, my greatest accomplishment was repurposing the bean sandwiches for breakfast this morning.

Anna has been making a lot of progress with potty training. I just wish she could find some way to express her feelings about the process.

It's cool, she's got this.

CLASSIC "I got this" face.
Seriously, everything is just 100% under control here.