My resolution involves nail polish so you know I'm serious about becoming a better person

Welcome to 2013, everyone! I want to start off by saying good luck to all you crazy kids embarking on a Whole 30 right now. Embrace that sweet potato! You know I would be joining you except that I really, really don't want to. Also, I am concerned about your inability to ingest black-eyed peas today. As far as I know I have never missed my New Year's BEPs, including the year we were in the Netherlands, so I have no idea what will happen to you but I assume it involves doom of some type.
You know what, I should probably look that up...okay, seems like your new year will be tragically lacking in...coins.

So, you know. YOUR CALL.
Anyway, I have already let Holly know that she is free to mail me any unwanted breads and cheeses that she encounters this month, and I'd like to officially extend the same generous offer to the rest of you. Just slap a stamp on that croissant and send her my direction. Godspeed, brave meat-eaters!

Check out this beautiful, healthy veggie tray with green goddess dip that I brought over to the Loontjers' house last night.

Pretending to eat like a responsible adult since about 2005.
I did not consume one single bite of plant. I was very, very busy with these little bread-and-cheese-wrapped meatballs that Emily made.

Very busy indeed.
We had a great time, but you know it was a late night if Anna went to bed with her makeup still on.

In her defense, her only lipstick-applying role model is me, and this is pretty accurate.

Anyway. 2013, let's do this! May all our years be filled with train rides!

And brussels sprouts!