My first child was not a climber please help me

I really try not to go through an entire week without eating soup, especially when it is technically winter no matter how strongly the fact that everyone in my family is wearing shorts today indicates otherwise. So, carrot soup it is then!

It's the time of year when everything looks dark and sad because I have not yet bought myself a lightbox but I assure you this bowl was quite lively in person.
I also made crepes! Look how crepe-y and normal (okay, and dark and sad) they look!

Basically like omelets but way more infuriating.

Which makes me seem like a person with some basic level of proficiency in the kitchen only because you didn't witness the dozen tragic attempts before I managed to find a temperature/swirling technique that kept them more or less in one piece. Check out my irrepressible optimism though, nudging all those sad, mutilated crepelets over to one side to make way for what will probably definitely turn out fine next time.

The plate is only half-full! Of failure!
And then I made a plantain and meat casserole, which is what happens when one takes pity on one's theme-besieged husband.

There are worse things.
Ivy has been doing a lot of lounging lately.

In various locations/levels of physical danger.

But I do think we as a family have almost mastered "Cheese!" 

Barely nightmarish at all!