Mmm, frankfurt enchiladas

Friday night was the extremely important holiday of Burns Night, a fact of which you are already aware if you are lucky enough to be on my contacts list because I definitely texted you and demanded that you start drinking scotch. But at least I didn't demand that you start eating cullen skink, which is what I was doing at the time.

"Perfect" cullen skink, according to The Guardian! Don't get any skinkier.
I actually liked it quite a bit, since it's basically just chowder which means it involves potatoes and comes in a bowl. Good enough! Not as good as my Official Authorised Edition of The Robert Burns World Federation Blended Scotch Whisky. But good.

Easiest. Theme. Ever.
I also made the gromack for dessert, by which I mean Dan made the gromack for dessert, by which I mean he made a variation of it called atholl brose which apparently is actually a cocktail. In fact, Wikipedia does not acknowledge the existence of gromack, or rather it does but calls it cranachan instead. Ugh. This is all terribly befuddling and I haven't even had any atholl brose this morning. Just know that we made an oatmeal-honey-whiskey soup and it was a lot better than it had any right to be.

Best to move on to Cookbook #11 before I get confused and just start transcribing "To a Haggis." The Essential Appetizers Cookbook (Whitecap Books, 1999). Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none. If I was amused by the Britishness of Good Food Fast, I was straight delighted by the Australianhood of this sucker. The presence of "Mini Corn Dogs" in the "Tex-Mex" section, for example, is fascinating. Also the fact that the recipe includes six instances of the word "frankfurt." Skewer those frankfurts for an authentic Tex-Mex experience! I also enjoy that nachos are, I absolutely swear to you, called "Spicy Tortilla Triangles."

But I shouldn't make fun, partly because I'm the one who's been walking around calling cranachan "gromack" like a fool,  A FOOL, and partly because there are really a lot of nice-looking recipes in here. I personally would eat the hell out of some spicy tortilla triangles. But for book club on Saturday I decided to go slightly more upscale, selecting Crostini with Pepper (or Capsicum if you are Australian and confused by the word Pepper) Roulade. I thought a roulade sounded 1) kinda fancy and 2) like something I would probably botch and I know that's secretly why you all come here.

You're in luck!
Joke's on you though, schadenfreudists, as roasted peppers on toast taste perfectly good even if they aren't in nice froufy little circles.

I'm only ever aiming for an appearance of "more or less intentional."
And I have to say, they were beautifully repurposed for breakfast yesterday.

Sometimes I am using the eggs to hide mistakes. NOW YOU KNOW.

Verdict: lots of appetizers. I like appetizers. I am childishly amused by the language quirks of other English-speaking nations. Keeper!

Hey Anna, isn't it super nice of Cali to be reading you a story?

Well, don't take it personally, Cali. She was in kind of a mood after a recent bout of engineering failure.

Let's see, maybe if I can...

...just get it to...

...womp womp.